Very large capacity permanent free-standing structure


Free-standing structure

Solotech Nashville

The challenge

We were asked to design a very large capacity permanent free-standing structure for major artists to use as a rehearsal space. The final product would be 66′ X 66′, on 10 legs, each one 28′. Also required: 5 truss structures, 60′ long, with a load capacity of 10,000 lbs. each, for a total of 50,000 lbs. We opted for our heavy-duty truss, Series TMF-3624-S, to create these overhead structures.

The challenge lay in having legs connected to the corner blocks. When a truss structure is loaded to its maximum capacity – as in this project – the truss deflects and curves. A problem arises, since the curvature also shifts the corner blocks and legs. This cannot be allowed; otherwise, the structure would become deformed and, eventually, break.

The solution

Our design and engineering team invented a pivot block, installed between the top surface of the legs and the underside of the corner blocks. The main chords, each bearing a load of 10,000 lbs., could therefore bend into a curve.

The result

Our product was delivered to Nashville by deadline and our client, Solotech Nashville, was able to install its new structure in time for the first rehearsal a week later. Our team also applied a black powder-coated paint to the product. The entire structure – as with every project at Unisson – was analyzed and certified by an engineer.


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