We are visual learners. And we know you probably are too.



The scenic design is the 3D visualization of your project. This is where we go from your first napkin sketch to a “ready to assemble” presentation of your equipment.

This service aims to greatly facilitate integration of your structures, whether you complete this step alone with your crew or with the support of one of our chief installers.

We first list all the items that will be part of your show, from the shape of the stage to the weight of the lights. We talk scenography, rhythm, decor, pacing, and overall public experience. This is your opportunity to share all your dreams: a mirror finish, black beams, a circular stage, oval lights… Share away.

The next step is to combine aesthetic needs and technical feasibility. We analyze and highlight all possible issues, we measure the difficulty of execution of your project based on the requests of each department, we assess assembly and disassembly time, and more. Our design and engineering services work hand in hand to deliver safe and spectacular results.


Hi-Roof Stage

Festival d’été de Québec

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