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Turnkey Service

We built our team to provide our clients with solutions every step of the way, from coming up with the design phase to integrating beams into the final project. To make it happen, we put together a turnkey service that allows you to:

    • Fully manage your project, including coordination of all partners involved in your process
    • Finalize your design with our team of experts from workshop drawings to coordination with suppliers
    • Visualize your project through a prototyping process
    • Rely on an expert from our team to supervise the proper integration of the structures on location


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It all starts with a call. A mission to accomplish.

It all starts with a call. A mission to accomplish. A representative collects all the preliminary data so our team can understand the nature, context, and scope of your project and then passes the ball to our Design Department.

A project manager then steps in to collect the data needed to draw up a preliminary budget, complete the design, and get engineering to approve all imperatives linked to project feasibility and safety. Once we have the green light, we move on to the transformation process.

Once approved, we move on to the transformation process.

The Unisson transformation warehouse allows us to gain a great deal of speed and execution autonomy while limiting the involvement of external participants while bringing your design to life.

First, we receive the source materials (tubes, plates and various pieces of aluminum and steel) and cut them according to the pre-established design plan.

Our CWB-certified (Canadian Welding Bureau) warehouse then digitally manufactures the pieces before sending them to our certified welders. Before they leave for assembly, our refining and quality control team makes sure every piece has reached its highest performance level.

The assembly serves as a final rehearsal.

Before your pieces go out for delivery, we test their performance with you by our side. During this test, we make sure that the human factor in construction and the final properties of the aluminum are never an issue when it’s time to begin construction on location. We make sure everything is tested, evaluated, and adjusted in this phase.

Your structures are now ready to leave the warehouse

As needed, Unisson can also coordinate delivery and simplify management of all the technical aspects of international shipping (clearing customs, HS code, exports, etc.). If you like, we can even handle every aspect of your delivery.

For big and/or international projects, Unisson offers assistance and support to help you choose the right transporter to meet your needs—no matter what the destination or the challenges involved.

By the time your project is ready to be assembled on location, we probably know your phone number by heart and you know that you can reach us at any time. It might give your team extra peace of mind to have one of our chief installers on hand to lead your crew on the ground. Another turnkey service we are happy to offer.

Unisson chief installers go on site to guide department leaders by facilitating the transfer of knowledge and making sure everything goes smoothly  during installation.

We can also provide a full installation kit catalog so your crew can handle the whole thing safely and confidently, without on-site help from our team.

Unisson turnkey service was created to save you time.

Every minute counts, we get it. That’s why we’re here to streamline your process and get you to the finish line on time by taking care of all communications with the various experts and external suppliers working on your project, your show, or your structure.

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