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We are the Canadian leader in the manufacture of trusses and complex, custom stage equipment.

Although Unisson specializes in aluminum, our team is also well versed with steel.

Our experience allows us to quickly integrate the latest technological advances into our processes, which results in greater speed of execution for our clients.

Manufacturing starts as soon as we receive the source materials (tubes, plates and chunks of aluminum and steel). Our team first cuts all pieces according to the pre-established plans before using our automated cutting table for machining. Our software interprets the plans, and our team finalizes the manufacturing stage of the project through a series of refining actions.

Automation makes it possible to produce large volumes rapidly and allows us to be quick and agile whenever the design shifts and changes.

Building the largest freestanding aluminium stage on the planet


Once all the standard pieces are assembled (2D or 3D), we shift to welding (Tig & Mig).

The welded beams are then sent out to be electrostatically painted according to your creative vision before coming back for the final stage: integration of wheels, plastic accessories, hydraulic systems, and every other element of your show or your structure.

Before going out for delivery, your structures are inspected and must pass the conformity test.

We’re fully skilled and equipped to adapt to your creative process and geographical movements.


Hi-Roof Stage

Festival d’été de Québec

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