Our know-how spreads internationally and in multiple markets with temporary and permanent needs.


Concerts and tours (arenas)

We know how to put on a show. Active in the entertainment industry since 1977, we speak the language of artistic directors and recognize the importance of constantly reinventing ourselves and respecting delivery dates.

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Theater, television, and cinema

Our range of standard products is ideal for the multiple uses and various configurations of decor, lightning, LED screens, camera podiums, curtains and free-standing structures needed in the theater, television and cinema industries.

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Permanent installations

Our know-how developed in the entertainment industry greatly applies to the design and construction processes of permanent installations requiring safe structures that stand the test of time.

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Two important elements guided the product development of our sets of components and structures for hotel complexes: strong weather resistance and great simplicity of installation.

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Outdoor and temporary events

Nature is stronger than us. It’s our job to adapt. Our structures dedicated to outdoor and temporary events (festivals, sporting events, field activations) are durable, reliable, safe and able to withstand the natural elements.

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