Time is a luxury we just don’t have in this industry.


Technical Drawing

We have developed strong expertise in technical drawing to streamline and accelerate the manufacturing of your structures.

At this stage, we use 3D modelling to break down your project to make it feasible piece by piece. We focus on your performance goals and take all parameters into account to simplify the process from start to finish.

At this stage, we test all safety factors and virtually analyze your product to detect all potential abnormalities.

Keep in mind, the initial spark of many a project is often a rough sketch on a napkin. When we bring this preliminary drawing to our workshop, the feasibility analysis we previously performed allows us to add all data and design elements to it so we can get clear and accurate drawings representing your reality.


This expertise serves and implies all departments and contributors. From carriers to engineers, scenographers, electricians, and others, we get everyone involved in the conversation. This allows us to conduct a sharp analysis to make sure that construction is progressing at a good pace and that all the environmental, contextual, artistic, and financial aspects of the project are taken into account every step of the way.

It’s an evolving team effort.

Our tools :

  • SolidWork: A software particularly effective in developing clean and precise workshop plans.


Hi-Roof Stage

Festival d’été de Québec

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