From bright idea to budget.


Feasibility Analysis

We don’t know if this is actually possible must be one of the things we hear the most from our clients. Good, we’re here to figure it out for you. The feasibility analysis starts with collecting all the data required to come up with a preliminary budget. We sit at the drawing board, we finalize the conceptualization of your project, and we virtually bring it to life in order to cost it and integrate it into your business plan.

Cards on the table, we determine what’s possible together.


Environment Analysis

This is our very first step. The environment analysis allows our team to understand the context in which your project will live. One of our representatives will talk to you to get an idea of the field, scope, and complexities and challenges of your project. No details are left out.

Will it be an indoor or an outdoor location? Will the general public be in contact with the equipment? What will the primary use of the installations be? Is there an aesthetic concern to take into account? Will the structures go through a long assembly/dismantling cycle? Will outside parties be involved in the process? If so, when? How? Will you take this project on the road? Overseas?

This crucial conversation helps us determine the foundations of the project before a project manager takes over to finalize the analysis and complete the conceptualization by your side.

It is the beginning of a business relationship based on trust.

Cost Analysis

The meticulous nature of the environment analysis brings us to the second stage of the feasibility analysis: the preliminary budget.

If the beams are going on tour, we limit the number of pieces to assemble in order to speed up the installation process on the ground while reducing the costs. If the structures will live abroad, we consider sending one of our chief installers on location to ensure a quick and safe installation. We provide the resources to reach great product performance and deliver on time. Everything is taken into consideration to price your project with fairness and precision.

You can count on our transparency.


Our job is to listen and to make sure everyone is heard. At this stage of the process, we combine the knowledge of every expert on your team to ensure perfect alignment.

This is where creation meets engineering. Hand in hand, we make the calls based on the feasibility, safety, and sustainability of your truss and will never compromise on your creative vision.

We respect your ambitions and can adapt if ever you change your mind.

As the final step of this stage, we conduct a stress analysis to verify that the environment (floors and ceiling) can support the beams and make adjustments based on the results.

Conceptualization (drawing)

After collecting and analyzing the data, it’s time to present a concept using 3D models and preliminary production drawings in order to establish a budget and start the certification process.

At this stage, the execution is near, and we can feel the excitement rising.


Once we’ve gotten final approval on the materials, installation process, design, and engineering, we present you with a realistic budget aligned with your objectives.


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