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Place Ville Marie

The challenge

We were approached by an urban design firm representing the businesses housed in Place Ville-Marie (PVM). In seeking to revitalize downtown tourism, they asked us to build a large terrace (76 meters X 13 meters long), with a colourful look and modern design, to attract the “Happy Hour” crowd. 

We were tasked with providing an overhead cover for a granite bar provided by another supplier. Customers could gather on either side of the 10.5-meter length of this bar. The centre of the pergola, made of clear tinted polycarbonate, would provide shelter from the rain. To add a WOW factor, we installed coloured printed slats all around the pergola, and set up a large number of planters and multiple flooring zones to create dividers between groups of patrons. 

Two factors presented a challenge: the location of the structure and its seasonal use. The structure we designed would be assembled at the start of summer and disassembled at the end. In this corridor, adjacent to Place Ville-Marie, we also had to ensure the pergola could withstand a 90-kph wind. Notwithstanding this major constraint, our client wanted a sleek, uncluttered style, with all ground attachments out of sight.

The solution

We paid special attention to the size of the pergola during the design stage, to ensure the legs were placed on the spaces between the granite tiles that made up the floor of the PVM esplanade. These tiles were 1.5m2 and each one weighed 570 kg. To satisfy the client’s constraint – i.e., no visible attachments – we designed a piece of steel that could be inserted in the space between granite tiles so the pergola legs could be properly secured and out of sight. We then had to invent a tensioning system inside the base of the legs to ensure a stable structure.

The result

What we achieved was truly impressive: a large, colourful structure that would look superb to both patrons seated under it and those looking down on it from an adjacent building. The multi-coloured slats brightened up the environment. 


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