"It’s very beautiful and very strong."


Staircase for the new head office of Meubles et électroménagers JC Perreault

Sina Construction

The challenge

We had to respond to the current health context by being innovative in our product and service offering, while continuing to explore new areas of activity by offering the same level of quality and productivity.

The solution

We sought out the resources and expertise necessary for the success of the project through a partner who had an understanding of the industry. Since customer satisfaction is one of our priorities, we had to reach out for help if we wanted to meet the customer’s needs.

The result

We designed, manufactured, delivered and installed seven staircases. Our team successfully completed all the stages of the process. In addition, we had building code constraints to respect and we met this challenge with flying colours by offering compliant and adequate staircases. Once again, it’s proof that there is strength in numbers. 

“It’s very beautiful and very strong. 😉


” Sina is very happy to have had the opportunity to do business with Unisson. Their commitment and professionalism are in short supply in our industry. We look forward to doing more projects together. ”

Sina Construction


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