Aluminum boat hull


Aluminum boat hull

Sea Escape Marine

The challenge

For us, at Unisson, being involved in the design of a boat would have seemed totally crazy a few years ago. It was at the craziest of times, in the midst of a global pandemic, that a project like this was entrusted to us. Several factors made the task more difficult because of this fairly difficult sanitary context.

Indeed, the deliverables, the material supply and the tight deadlines were at the heart of this project. It goes without saying that for a first experience with a watercraft, the only thing to hope for is that the boat does not sink.

The solution

We established an efficient line of communication to ensure optimal management of overseas material supply. This off continent supplier contributed to the design of the boat by developing an alloy made from a specific type of aluminum. Thanks to our experience and expertise, our company was able to quickly develop manufacturing processes adapted to this large-scale project.

The result

Since this is a very large-scale project, it’s not done yet. However, there is no doubt that internally, our team has left a lot of room for creativity, because it’s not every day that we have the chance to design a boat! Our expertise brought added value to the execution of this project.

On top of being a brand-new project, it’s also a whole new business partnership that has come to life. In fact, this collaboration will allow us to support our client’s growth.

In short, this beautiful project has undoubtedly resulted in a great relationship with this client, as well as adding a new member to our Unisson family.

A super dynamic team that likes to take on challenges and find creative solutions in record time.

François Rainville



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