“The Santa Claus structure installation was a success!”


Freestanding structure for a Santa Claus

Studio Artefact

The challenge

To create a self-supporting structure that will hold a 40-foot-high Santa Claus. The structure must be placed inside the Santa Claus figure, like a spine, therefore invisible from the outside and it must be based on the client’s sketches and technical constraints. The Santa Claus figure is a multi-section fibreglass structure that presents a lot of technical features and requires a particular assembly sequence which has already been established. All this in a saltwater environment, on the seashore, which always brings its share of challenges in terms of materials and finishing choices.

The solution

We designed a specific 24″ x 24″ truss including accessories positioned to support and secure the Santa Claus figure. The manufacturing of a self-supporting structure, based on our sliding block technology inspired by performance stages, maximizes the use of aluminum while avoiding steel as much as possible to prevent rust and loss of efficiency. Unisson’s knowledge of aluminum and the subtleties of the saline environment will certainly allow Santa Claus to spend a joyful holiday season without sacrificing the safety of his visitors.

“The Santa Claus structure installation was a success! Our assembling and dismantling time was better than we expected. (12h Load-in Load-out)”

Mathieu Desroches

project manager


The Santa Claus structure installation


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