The industry

We made some big decision

La réalité des dernières semaines a  été très difficile pour l’ensemble des acteurs de notre industrie.

The reality of the last few weeks has been very difficult for all the players in our industry. The situation has led almost everyone to question themselves on the various possible avenues, the solutions to be implemented and the operations they will be able to carry out in the future.

The entertainment industry is taking a break. So we are focusing on building and designing solutions for other industries. We firmly believe that it is the creativity of everyone in the manufacturing side of the entertainment industry that will get us through.

We’re not hiding, we’ve asked ourselves a lot of questions about what we’re doing. Especially about how we did it. We asked ourselves questions, but above all we asserted ourselves. So we decided to put creativity and problem-solving at the heart of our brand, right at the centre, for everyone to see. So we decided to launch our new brand platform as well as our new website.

At Unisson, we’re united by our projects, by our clients’ issues. We are motivated by the challenges we face every day, by the unheard of, by the infeasible. We come alive when someone tells us they have something crazy in mind, but have no idea how to make it happen. We trip over the curveballs, over the difficulties, over the constraints. We don’t talk about parts or modules or structures, we talk about your projects, your problems and above all our solutions.

That’s who we are, and that’s what will keep us strong.

We’ve been working on this project for several months now, long before what we’re going through right now. Our way of being is more relevant than it has ever been, and that is why we are adopting this new image with great pride. We would have liked to have made a big launch, fireworks, and put all the gum into it, as our world knows how to do. We think that right now we all have bigger challenges to deal with.

Because in the midst of uncertainty, We Make it Happen.

Olivier and Pierre Jobin