“Unisson is the partner of a lifetime.”


Swivel system for a sloped wall


The Challenge

To manufacture a swivel system for a sloped wall in a five-day period, a delay that leaves no room for failure.

The Solution

Unisson and Omnison formed the perfect partnership for this project. Our team collaborated on the design with the Omnison team and then created the technical drawings. We decided to work with familiar equipment and specialized off the shelf hardware. The idea was to keep things simple and make it work the first time.

The Result

A swivel system that was finely tuned and built thanks to a mobilized team. This approach allowed us to deliver our added value and the end product on time. At Unisson, it’s not the size of the problem that counts, but rather the way we work that allows us to meet the challenge.

Unisson is the partner of a lifetime. We’ve been working together for 25 years and we know it’s going to pay off every time.

Francis Giguère

Vice-President, Omnison


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