" What we asked for was very complicated. The deadlines were short. "


Projection structures

Lune Rouge Entertainment

The challenge

To design triangular projection surfaces for a multimedia show created by Guy Laliberté. The pyramid shape of the amphitheater added to the challenge as the structures had to be installed at an angle, making transportation a lot more complicated. In addition, a typical wall for supporting perforated grids, lasers, speakers, vinyl fabrics, and other items would have exceeded the pyramid’s maximum hanging capacity.

The solution

Communication, communication, communication! We had to arrange multiple video conference calls to ensure we were all on the same page about everyone’s goals and needs. We led the entire process with transparency and raised our concerns with the pyramid’s engineers that the amount of weight that needed to be lifted might exceed the site’s maximum bearing capacity. We ultimately opted for foldable structures so that they could be lifted by chain motors.

What we asked for was very complicated. The deadlines were short. We needed a partner capable of finding solutions to all our problems, able of meeting all our needs… That is exactly what Unisson managed to do for us.

Michael Anderson

Lune Rouge.

Wall dimensions

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