The Calgary Stampede is by far Canada’s biggest rodeo.


Calgary Stampede Project

The Calgary Stampede is by far Canada’s biggest rodeo.

The challenge

The ask came from the Calgary Stampede: design a large-scale permanent structure measuring 30 ft. deep, 100 ft. long, and 45 ft. high. This new freestanding structure, with its rounded design and load-bearing capacity of 40,000 lb., was needed to replace a similar structure the Stampede had been using for the past 20 years.

We set to work, drawing on our expertise to craft a more modern design strong and durable enough to deliver total peace of mind for our client. 

The Calgary Stampede is by far Canada’s biggest rodeo. The world-famous event attracts more than a million visitors a year to celebrate Western culture. Needless to say, it was a major contract for us.

The hardest part? Designing a structure suitable for installation on a mobile steel platform so that technical stage elements (lighting, video, musical instruments, etc.) can be set up off site. Once the stage is rigged, the platform is hooked to a tractor and hauled into position in front of a grandstand, ready for showtime. 

Adding to the project’s complexity was the fact that the structure, which is at full capacity (40,000 lb.) when moved, has to navigate a 6 in. (15 cm) rise that shifts the structure vertically and unbalances the load!


The solution

The answer our design and engineering team came up with was to design a new 26 in. x 26 in. truss combining high load-bearing capacity with just the right amount of flex. Stage component configurations and connections were plotted and analyzed to ensure the stage would tolerate a certain degree of deformation. The flexibility built into the structure ensured it could handle the move over the uneven terrain. It was a big job, but our engineers worked hard to make it happen and optimize the safety of the structure!.


The result

The project was delivered on time and successfully installed in Calgary by our team of riggers. The engineers hired by our client to vet the results signed off on the job with nary a negative word and not a single change request. It was all positive all the way!

“I am very happy with the crew, very happy with the quality of the product, everybody I’ve been working with are amazing.”

Mike Sharp

Park Projects Manager


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